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Since 1983 back the Kansas City Chiefs anesthetized up on Hall of Famers Dan Marino and Jim Kelly to abstract Todd Blackledge seventh overall, the Chiefs accept confused abroad from acrimonious quarterbacks aerial in the draft. They accept back adopted an “another team’s debris is Jordy Nelson Jersey our treasure” policy. The Chiefs’ admired dumpster to dig through has been the San Francisco 49ers‘ as they accept affective bristles above 49er QBs back 1988.

Steve DeBerg, Joe Montana, Steve Bono, Elvis Grbac and Alex Smith all accept acceptable annal with Kansas City, so the action hasn’t been all bad. A lot of the wins aggregate by these guys had added to do with abundant aegis than abundant quarterback play, but regardless, there has been watchable football beneath their leadership.Smith could actual able-bodied be the best above 49er auto for the Chiefs. Obviously Montana is the best quarterback of the bunch, but as far as best QB for Kansas City, Smith has the befalling to booty that title. Montana abutting the Chiefs at the age of 37, and while he led them to the AFC Championship Bold in 1993, he could alone accord the aggregation two years.

At the age of 29, Smith still has several acceptable years left, and he is off to an amazing start. While still architecture allure with a fresh coach, fresh system, fresh teammates, and with an inconsistent abhorrent line, Smith has been accepting the job done masterfully. Beneath his watch the Chiefs accept fabricated history as the aboriginal aggregation to go 5-0 afterwards accident 14 amateur the division before.It’s been a amazing start, but if Smith wants to top Montana in Kansas City, authoritative the playoffs won’t be enough, he has to win. The admirers are craving as KC is advancing up on the 20th ceremony of their aftermost playoff achievement back Montana led the aggregation to a win over the Houston Oilers.

Winning a playoff bold should not be a Halley’s Comet situation. Anon enough, the aged will be cogent belief to their grandchildren about how they bethink the Chiefs’ aftermost playoff win. If Smith can put a stop to that, he will absolutely be Kansas City’s admired 49er castaway.Aaron Charles is a Kansas City Chiefs biographer for rantsports.com. Follow him on cheep @aaroncharleskc or add him to your arrangement on GoogleSan Francisco 49ers assurance Donte Whitner, who has appear he was fined $21,000 by the alliance for a hit during aftermost Thursday night's achievement over the St. Louis Rams, said Wednesday he's bottomward the "W" from his aftermost name.

"I absolutely put the paperwork in bygone afternoon. Aloof cat-and-mouse to get the paperwork out," he said in a appointment alarm with the Houston media. "So from actuality on out until I retire, my name will be Donte Hitner, after the W."Earlier Wednesday, he had appear his name change in a tweet.It's official...The W is actuality removed from my aftermost name from Whitner to Hitner...GM TWHITNER (@DonteWhitner) October 2, 2013 Whitner additionally accepted to reporters in Santa Clara, Calif., that he was alteration his name. He said he'd like to get it afflicted on his compatible by Sunday's bold but accepted that ability be unrealistic."That's what I do. It's my aftermost name and removing a letter makes it appealing cool," he said, abacus that some admirers already alarm him "Hitner" anyway.The name change will not be bargain for Whitner. A alliance official told ESPN's Darren Rovell that NFL rules accede that if a amateur changes his name during an NFL season, he is appropriate to acquirement all the actual annual of commodity with the old name that hasn't been sold.Whitner said Wednesday he'd be accommodating to pay for the actual No. 31 49ers jerseys in Nike's annual "depending on how abounding there are," according to CSNBayArea.com."I haven't apparent a accomplished lot about Candlestick, so I wouldn't anticipate there should be [many jerseys in stock], unless somebody's ambuscade them," he said, according to the website.

The 49ers acquaint a examination of what Whitner's fresh jersey would attending like on their Cheep account."I'm consistently activity to be her son and her little boy, so I accept to accept to what she says," Whitner said. "After all of these hits and bodies talking about it, I asked her afresh three nights ago. She said, 'I don't accept a botheration with it, go ahead.' So I went advanced and did it yesterday."Whitner has been analytical of the NFL's crackdown on hits and has said "it seems like on any big hit, they accomplish the alarm on what the hit looks like."The safety, who additionally has appropriate the NFL should use epitomize to actuate if hits accreditation penalties, said his name change is a beef adjoin the league's authorization in "the appropriate way.""I'm not out there head-hunting, hitting guys helmet to helmet.Jordy Nelson Youth Jersey I appetite to appearance guys can hit adamantine and accompany abhorrence accomplishing it the acknowledged way," he said."This is a boxy game. This is a bold for developed men. Back we active up for that, we all apperceive that. If you don't appetite to comedy football, you don't appetite to be physical, you don't appetite to be hit, don't appear about guys that like to hit. That's the bold of football, aloof do it the appropriate way."Whitner said he's not afraid that his name change will accomplish him a bigger ambition for flags and fines in the future."You can abide to attending at me, but if I'm accomplishing it the appropriate way, what can you do?" he said.